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I hate it when family comes into my room and kicks stuff all over the place. Umm, hello? THAT SHIT IS RUDE! VERY, VERY RUDE! Do I come to your house and start kicking your kids toys all over the place and break them? UMM, NO!
Oh, and what annoys me even more is that the family member who did it DIDN'T EVEN WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY when it was my birthday. Man, I always ring up their motherfucking kids, and them, and I with 'em a happy birthday. Maybe I am just polite. Maybe they don't understand this whole thing we have called 'civility'?
And the worst thing, the very worst thing, is that the stuff that was kicked was an assignment for school. And now it's all fucked up. So I have to start all over again, even though I was two thirds of the way finished! ARRGGGHHH. My family fucking suck.


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I don't know what it is, but I've been feeling really shit lately. I'm going through one of those epic stages where I detest myself again.

Being a teenager sucks. Damn hormonal changes... *shakes fist*


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Mum suddenly has this thing about cooking. I suddenly have this thing about not eating.

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I'm the kind of person who is always behind the pack with finding new things. I'm possibly the last person in the world to make a Facebook account. Only just created a Flickr account too. And I've only just discovered The Kooks.

I'm sure I was going somewhere with this post, too, but now I can't remember. Suffice to say, I'm a little


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Oh shit, I think I'm meant to be doing something but I've no idea what to do. Shit shit shit. Everyone else is doing shit. Fuck fuck fuck...
Oh wait, the guy next to me is surfing Google Earth. Everything's alright. It's safe to bludge again....

I can't even come up with a title...

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Oh my god. Just spent an hour reading about fucking JavaScript (in between checking my tumblr and surfing Oh Errol). I think my brain is going to explode...
Oh well, glad to know I'm not the only one giving up. The guys next to me are watching something on YouTube which has them murmuring things like "Oh, that's fucked!" and "He's flying through clouds!"


I can't believe you.

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Stuck at home alone this weekend. To try and make the angst abate slightly I'm going to throw myself into writing. And cleaning the spare room, because Adam is coming to stay with us for a few days next week... Which I suppose will mean cleaning the whole house, but I can do the rest of it during the week... The spare room is the main thing, because it looks like a bomb hit it... Oh, and because I'm being paid for cleaning it, I suppose...

Plans for this Weekend:
  • Clean my room - ie: organise bookshelf, tidy wardrobe, clean under bed, tidy desk, arrange teddys, wash clothes/sheets/towels, organise CD's. A MAJOR BEDROOM OVERHAUL!
  • Catch up on my French and IT work.
  • Do Creative Writing journal. Try and come up with a non shit idea for my 1000 word piece.
  • Try and come up with a cool design for a t-shirt, because I'm bored.
  • Clean the spare room/my bathroom, score thirty dollars.
  • Clean the kitchen. Because it's a shit-sty at the moment and it's pissing me off.
  • Maybe do some website stuff. Probably fail epically.

There's my weekend.

EDIT: Crossed out stuff I've done. Which isn't much.

In IT... While I'm meant to be working...

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I totally saw the most adorable guy ever on the bus yesterday. I think he went to Tuggers or something, but anyway, he was hanging around the luggage rack, and he was wearing a Divine Heresy t-shirt (eww) and was generally a metalhead, but he had the most gorgeous smile, and he looked like a cross between Jarno and a cute guy in the year above me at school (I think we all know who I mean). AND he sang the most adorable song ever about being BFF's with someone, and it had hand actions and everything.
I don't normally go all "SQUEEE!" over metalheads, but this guy was an exception.

The Lilac Time

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Oh, and just thought I'd point out...

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