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I hate it when family comes into my room and kicks stuff all over the place. Umm, hello? THAT SHIT IS RUDE! VERY, VERY RUDE! Do I come to your house and start kicking your kids toys all over the place and break them? UMM, NO!
Oh, and what annoys me even more is that the family member who did it DIDN'T EVEN WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY when it was my birthday. Man, I always ring up their motherfucking kids, and them, and I with 'em a happy birthday. Maybe I am just polite. Maybe they don't understand this whole thing we have called 'civility'?
And the worst thing, the very worst thing, is that the stuff that was kicked was an assignment for school. And now it's all fucked up. So I have to start all over again, even though I was two thirds of the way finished! ARRGGGHHH. My family fucking suck.